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Web Based solutions for student accommodation management

  • What is TCAS Enterprise

    TCAS Enterprise is TCAS Online’s leading product for mid to large scale Student Operators who are looking for a comprehensive operating platform that manages and support the full lifecycle of Student Hostel.

    From the time the applicant wants to make an enquiry or make a booking, TCAS Online ensures that they are in safe hands. Through the flexibility of the TCAS Enterprise platform, TCAS online ensures that your applicant goes through your step by step process and converts to resident status with the minimum of effort on both sides.

    Deployed entirely though your browser, our “cloud based” software meets all your needs regardless of how many beds you are managing or where you are located. Providing comprehensive and unique “Self Service” capability for your students ensures that you maintain the high levels of services that todays “more discerning” students have come to expect. Our objective is to help you to iIncrease your Occupancy Rates and reduce your Operational Costs.  Every feature in TCAS Enterprise is designed to support and contribute to one or both of these objectives.


    TCAS Enterprise is a “Feature Rich” system that encompasses all the functionality that you need to effectively manage a student hostel facility, regardless of size, location or complexity. Deployed as a “Hosted Cloud Based” solution, implementation has never been easy. All you need is a internet connected device… usually a computer or laptop but could as easily be a tablet or smartphone.

    Please review our comprehensive list of features below :

    Application Process
    • Application Form Wizard
    • Application Form Wizard: Variance- Room Selector
    • Application form feed into TCAS Online
    • Online payments integration and surcharges
    • Auto posting of payments
    • Recurring Card Payments/li>
    • International Payment Facility
    • Charge Configuration (Bulk Charge Wizard)
    • Room configuration (Building Configuration)
    • Vouchers
    • Nominations – code and upload residents
    • Refer a friend scheme
    • Online availability
    • Under 18s process
    • Incomplete Applications process
    • Waiting List process
    • Nearly There
    • Room Blocking
    • Apartment/Room Sharing Request
    • Dual Occupancy
    • Student profile/application
    • Notes and Super Notes
    • Check List and Reporting
    • Student Portal
    • Upload photos and documents for students
    • Guarantor Portal
    • Guarantor Nomination and Acceptance
    • Guarantor Document Upload
    • University Portal
    • Tenancy Deposit Scheme or My Deposit Scheme
    • Configurable Hear About Us list
    • Configurable University list

    Management Control Centre
    • Room preferences – Applicant Facility (e.g. female only)
    • Room offer process
    • Room Planner
    • Amend Booking Wizard
    • Multi Booking Wizard
    • Check-in function (Arrivals/Departures page)
    • Check-out function (Arrivals/Departures page)
    • Student Financials: Post debit, credit and refunds
    • Autoposting of payments
    • Realtime Manual Payment
    • Group Module
    • Group Blocking
    • Student Upload facility
    • Student Flagging by custom status

    Financial Modules

    • SEPA Refunds
    • BACS Refunds
    • End of Year Refund Approval Process
    • Financial Integration with accounting package
    • Sage accounting integration
    • Daily Banking
    • Miscellaneous Income
    • Posting bulk financials
    • Student Statement
    • Report Generator
    • Standard Reporting Suite
    • Landlord Module
    • Import Meter readings
    • Disciplinary Module

    Residents Portal
    • Rebooking process
    • Conference Room/Car Park facilities
    • Induction
    • Endsleigh Insurance Integration via Induction
    • Arrival Slot Selection
    • Departure Slot Selection
    • Inventory Checking
    • Maintenance Management
    • Work Force Management Add On
    • Overnight Guests
    • Surveys
    • Notice Board
    • Talk to Us/Contact Manager
    • Contact Details

    Payment Plan

    TCAS Enterprise is priced based on our customers purchasing a “Perpetual Enterprise License” that is based on a “per bed under management” cost. There are Volume Based Thresholds which bring the price / bed price down as the volume increases. Please talk to us and we can give you more details

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  • What is TCAS Starter

    TCAS Starter is designed for the hostel provider who may only initially want to “dip their toe” into the Online World of Managing Student Hostel.

    TCAS Online can provide you with a “starter” version that allows you do the basics really well and get you up and running as quickly as possible. Our “starter pack” comes with all the modules that you will need to take Online Bookings, Process Applications and provide “self service” portal capabilities.

    Our  “starter pack” comes with configuration and training services to ensure that your move to your new operating platform goes as smoothly as possible. At TCAS Online, we also provide a roadmap to our “Enterprise” platform recognising that our “Starter” customers may be growing their portfolio and want to bring in some of the new and exciting features that the Enterprise version allows


    If you are new to Student Accommodation Management System or you just want to avoid the larger scale implementation cycle, we recommend you look at our TCAS Starter product.

    When you choose this option, the starter option does exactly that….. it get you started. To summarise, you will be able to

    • Process Online Applications
    • Manage and allocate your bed stock
    • Process Online Payments
    Application Process
    • Standard Application Form
    • Online Payment Integration
    • Charge Configuration
    • Room Configuration
    • Room Blocking
    • Nearly There
    • Incomplete Application process
    • Configurable “Hear About Us” list
    • Configurable University List

    Management Control Centre
    • Standard Application Form Room Preferences
    • Room Planner
    • Check in Function
    • Check out Function
    • Check list and reporting

    Financial Modules

    • Refunds
    • End of Year Refund Approval process
    • Daily Banking
    • Miscellaneous Income
    • Student Statement
    • Standard Reporting Suite

    Residents Portal
    • eInduction
    • eSurveys
    • Arrival Slot selection
    • Departure Slot selection
    • Maintenance Management
    • Notice Board
    • Talk to us/Contact Manager
    • Contact Details

    Payment Plan

    With TCAS Starter our customers have a choice of renting or purchasing the software outright.

    With the rental model, the customer signs up for a minimum of 3 years and payments are made quarterly in advance.

    With outright purchase, the pricing model is similar to TCAS Enterprise but a lower priced entry point based on the reduced feature list of the Starter offering. IF you would like more information on pricing, please contact us directly.

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